A part of my ongoing exploration of the word "Power" and what the word means to an individual, I have been asking the question "What does the word power mean to you?" when taking a  portrait. I believe everyone has their own power as an individual, however, everyone's view on the term can be quite different. 
When asked, Brooke explains - "Power for me is more like a sureness in oneself that shows you have the confidence to avoid doubting decisions or actions; being able to show that grounding to others and let them share that with you. By being 'strong', in the sense of a leadership role or community position, in a way that is respected and warrants other people to want to join you and work on a cause (whether it's a society effort or just a small task). Power, to me, is the confidence that motivates or draws people in with you, and to you. Magnetism can be strongly associated with sexuality. It can be quite manipulative - consciously or subconsciously; often used for personal or commercial gains even at small levels. Hospitality work is full of subtle flirting to bolster customers. It is incredibly inviting to sense that someone is sure, playful and passionate. Desire is often craving something we lack and want to obtain, in whatever form that is (eg. general pleasure or a favourable personality trait), so being a warm, inviting person can have quite a powerful effect. 
The ideal though is to share that magnetism to be an equal give and take. There is more overall power in the positive support in sharing an act, cause or feeling than only in singular gains."
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